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Traditional veterinary medicine doesn’t work so well on certain things — like weird immune problems.

Weird Immune Problems

Here are some immune system issues that I think are weird:

  1. Mud Fever where there’s no mud
  2. Scratches that you can NEVER get rid of completely
  3. Chronic (read: years!) of loose stool
  4. Rain rot where there’s no rain
  5. Fly Allergies
  6. Very itchy horses

All of the above involve the immune system. And traditional vet med tends to hand you some form of topical cleaner and/or steroids.  These can help, but are unfortunately only a temporary band-aid.

What’s really happening is:

Either the immune system is depressed and can’t get rid of the fungus (rain rot, mud fever, scratches) OR the immune system is hyperactive (allergies, itching).

Sometimes vets get caught up in trying to fix the symptoms without looking for a primary cause. In weird cases, the immune system is definitely involved and should be addressed.

What can you do yourself? 30 days of an immune supporting supplement is always a good, and safe, choice to start with.