aka Your Horse’s Immune System

Your horse’s immune system. Two small words that speak volumes on your horses’s health and performance level. It is not a single organ but a series of complex organs that start with the gut and end with the liver and kidneys. When everything is balanced, the system works well. The problem is that many things can compromise the immune system, and when that happens, the horse is at an increased risk of developing disease.

Your horse’s immune system is affected by many things: nutrition, stress from training, competitions, travel, and illness. Proper nutrition plays a critical role in sustaining a strong immune response in adult horses. Horses with a healthy immune system perform better, recover faster from stress, and stay healthier. A compromised immune system leaves your horse vulnerable to infection and illness.

Our goal is to provide the body what it needs to repair or balance itself. We do this through nutritional support and mineral therapy. All our ingredients are 100% natural, organic and bio-available. This means what you feed your horse is used and stored by your horse.

Better health for your horse starts with a Equine Hair & Mineral Analysis.