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Holistic Approach To Gastric Ulcers

Today more and more horses are diagnosed with gastric ulcers. It’s been well-documented that over 90% of racehorses and over 60% of performance horses (hunter/jumpers, dressage, endurance, and western) have ulcers. New research shows that even small changes in the routine of a pleasure horse can cause ulcers in as little as seven days. If […]

Vesicular Stomatitisvirus

Defined, Support Care & Prevention With more states being added to the list for Vesicular Stomatitis Virus outbreak each day, I felt it was important to let our clients know more about the virus supportive treatment and prevention of this nasty virus. DEFINED Vesicular stomatitis typically starts out as a fever and then symptoms such […]

Heath Alert – EHV 1

We continue to receive outbreak notifications across multiple states of EHV-1 daily.  We wanted to help our clients safeguard your horses from being affected. The popular opinion is if my horse is vaccinated, they are safe, right? Unfortunately, no. While there are several vaccines available that protect against respiratory disease and abortion, none are labeled […]

Soaking Vs Steaming Hay to Reduce NSC

If you have a horse that suffers from Insulin Resistance, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, PSSM or Cushing’s you are always struggling to reduce the NSC levels in their hay. Some owners soak the hay to reduce the sugar levels and airborne respirable dust which naturally occur in the hay.  With steaming units becoming more popular it […]

Why Equine Hair Analysis

Why Hair Analysis? Are you concerned about your horse’s performance level? Have you tried multiple supplement programs but have seen little or no changes? Do you want to take the guesswork out of your horse’s nutritional program? These are all good reasons to have a hair analysis done. What is hair analysis and how is […]

How Tell If Your Supplement Program is Working

You can go down any isle in a tack or feed store and see supplements from floor to ceiling. All making magical promises from giving your horse better hoofs to increasing performance. In the world of supplements it’s not a one size fits all proposition. As our horse’s health care advocate we need to ask […]