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Sarcoid Success

This is a success story of a five year old gelding named Paint.

C. Gillis
5 Year Old Paint Gelding< br />


First diagnosed with a sarcoid on the nose in July 2012. Started the Sarcoid Protocol in July using Sarcoid Salve, Immune Builder and Equ-Silver. We first noticed new growth and it getting larger (this is a good sign, shows the virus is active). As we continued treatment we another change it being red and raw. Two more small sarcoids appeared in his cinch and inner groin areas. Both were treated and cleared. The main sarcoid on his nose completely healed  by the summer of 2013. Paint has been sarcoid free for over a year and counting.

Treatment Plan

  • Sarcoid Salve
  • Immune Builder
  • Equi-Silver

The horse has been sarcoid free for over a year.