• Before Treatment 9/3/15

  • 8 Days into Treatment

  • 8 Weeks

  • 10/8/15

  • Treatment Complete 12/6/15

Skipper’s Story

Skipper – AQHA Show Horse

In July, my daughter bought a beautiful bay quarter horse that had a “wart” according to his former owner. We put the medication on the wart to go away and what we found was that the “wart” was a sarcoid. We took the horse across the state to have it surgically removed. It took three days to start to grow back again and it came back uglier and bigger than ever. We thought we had two options according to our surgeon. The first option was to send him to our state’s university in what would be a long process in which they would have to wear “bio-hazard suits” or the second choice which was to put him down. I was heart broken and turned to the internet to do my own research.

I came across the company Balanced Eco Solutions and became quick friends with Ron. Ron listened to me and read my emails and looked at the pictures that I sent him of Skipper’s sarcoid. Ron had a plan and we crossed our fingers. He gave me some options that started with a hair analysis that would direct us in the path that we needed to travel. We followed his advice and used his affordable products that were recommended.

  • Equine Hair Analysis
  • Sarcoid Wash Concentrate
  • SC Formula Salve
  • Immune Builder

It is amazing how the pictures of this process allowed us to keep in contact with the correct solution to heal him. Day after day, we followed Ron’s instructions and watched as it disappeared. Ron was honest with us that this was a process of trial and error at times and every case was different. The first path was right on target. We have been given the okay to stop his treatment on the outside but continue the treatment on the inside to stop the sarcoid internally where it started. Our fingers are still crossed and our hopes and prayers remain in a homeopathic approach to get rid of this nasty sarcoid.

I cannot thank Ron and his team enough for giving us hope with our new show horse, Skipper. My daughter and I are grateful for the time and patience that Ron has showed us as we traveled down this scary road of dealing with the sarcoid.