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Shorty’s Sarcoid Story

Shorty – Mare

When I bought my mare Shorty a few years back, I noticed she had a funky wart like spot on her front leg.  Didn’t think much about it and left it alone for a a couple years until it started to mutate in spring of 2012 and spread.  I didn’t know what it was.

I took a picture of the now several spots forming and my daughter did some checking to find out they were sarcoids.  One vet wanted to cut them off while another wanted to burn them.  I started to put some popular ointment on them that caused it to sting and burn…a lot.  My mare would avoid me when it came time to put it on and seemed to just make it worse.

My daughter did some research online and came across Balanced Eco Solutions.  She spoke to Ron, sent him pictures and he came up with a plan using sarcoid cleansing salve and immune builder.  Her sarcoids by now were really bad so by mid summer of 2012, I pretty much stopped riding her to treat this issue.  At this time she had 2 really big spots and about 5 other spots as big as a quarter.  It was a very long road.  It seemed to get worse before it got better but with time, patience and guidance from Ron, we were able to cure her of this nasty sarcoid mess.  The products never burned her.

Treatment Protocol:

  • Sarcoid Salve
  • Immune Builder
  • Equi-Silver


Today, she still has a few scares of where the sarcoids were but hair is slowly coming back and it’s all healthy tissue.  After treatment taking us a good 8 months to fix, I was finally able to start riding her again in spring 2013 and enjoy my horse again.