Heath Alert – EHV 1

We continue to receive outbreak notifications across multiple states of EHV-1 daily.  We wanted to help our clients safeguard your horses from being affected. The popular opinion is if my horse is vaccinated, they are safe, right? Unfortunately, no. While there are several vaccines available that protect against respiratory disease and abortion, none are labeled for protection against the neurologic form, and there is no evidence for such protection.

EHV1 Defined – EHV-1 contagious and spread by direct horse-to-horse contact via the respiratory tract through nasal secretions. It is important to know that this virus can also be spread indirectly through contact with physical objects that are contaminated with the virus — contaminated trailers used for transporting horses.

Signs & Symptoms – The signs the occur with EHV-1 and the EHM strain include things such as decreased coordination, urine dribbling, fever, hind limb weakness, leaning against things to maintain balance, lethargy and the inability to get off the ground.

Traditional Treatment – Treatment is primarily supportive. This includes anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant drugs, and intravenous fluids if the horse has trouble drinking. Nursing care is also extremely important if the horse is unable to rise.

Balanced Eco Solutions EHV Protocol – Our protocol supports the EHV horse in multiple ways. First by building the immune system to clear the virus. Second support the respiratory system. Third, as an anti-inflammatory to deal with the viral side effects. We do this via the three products below.

body balance immune builder
Immune Builder
Wellness Formula
Respiratory Formula